International food with special care in selecting healthy local organic ingredients without ever renouncing the taste and the pleasure of good cuisine menu.

Eating the right food according to individual needs of each, is the way of living beings to extract nutrients and energy from its environment in a harmonious way, has always been naturally. With the development of modern civilization and optimization of time, appears fast food, processed, irradiated, in the process of man's relationship with food has become confused and has degenerated. Many of us are disconnected and perceive as foreign elements that Mother Nature gives us worse addiction have developed artificial products with excess salt, refined flour, refined sugar and fructose syrup widespread use in industry beverages. These products are all a result of industrial processes, have never before been present in the human diet at this current level. The disease that causes unnatural diet proliferates while thought to be an inevitable part of life, we speak of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart problems and certain cancers

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To address this situation and promote a change towards harmony is important information, for which lectures and classes are taught healthy eating, food properties, forms of production, processing, preparation and presentation thereof. Importantly, we do not defend feeding styles fundamentalist type, we respect all cultures and beliefs. Our mission is to help you to surf a gradual positive changes in your lifestyle, with scientific and personal studies to know what types of foods that benefit and what not, your preferences and motivate you to discover new options for optimal feeding particular organism.