A special place to renew body, mind and spirit

Drive through the gate and stop the clock. Life on the estate moves at its own pace. Breakfast hour is the hour you find yourself hungry. The weather is always “good,” because the setting is beautiful rain or shine. The inspiration to get up and move is everywhere (horse riding, golf, mountain bike, swimming); as is the opportunity to relax at the SPA. We invite you to experience this special way of life.

Located in the Laguna del Sauce on the Sierra de la Ballena, St. Michel Wellness offers a unique place with natural landscape of forests, wineyards, mountains and lakes, relaxed atmosphere and its architecture, with exclusive services and close to Punta del Este.

St. Michel is the first Wellness Hotel in Uruguay, where recover and maintain energy and vitality. Enjoy your free time, in couple or with friends, our purpose is to feel you relaxing during your stay in our Wellness and the next time to come, its reflected in all of your activities, relationships and moments of your life.

Only for 16+. Children not allowed.   

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We live in a world full of technology, super "connected", where often emergencies and external demands distract us from what is really important . This reality can take us away from nature, our own human essence.

How do we do?

With a multidisciplinary professional team that shares the Wellness philosophy.




Wellness lifestyle is the result of a personal decision and an active commitment to finding an optimal, comprehensive and balanced state of health in its many facets.


Our work to improve the quality of life of people through training programs and life experiences. Providing tools for knowledge and practical challenges of everyday life. With an integrated Wellness Lifestyle and healthy habits into their daily lives and in their travel.


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